Auntie Amal Community Centre is a non- profit organization; we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping community members to bring a better future for all people.

As we all know, some people in Canada are suffering from lack of good food, lack of Education, and also some are homeless, others are newcomers and refugees who escape from war or un safe countries.

It was a heart wrenching for us to see all these people with need so that, Auntie Amal’s Community Center has been launched in 2015. After the study of community need assessment, we started lots of plans and services to help them out.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood. We help all community members without differentiation.

We would like to share with you some of the services we’ve done during the past 5 years:

  • Auntie Amal community Centre had furnished around 600 apartments in the GTA area.
  • We have a Furniture Bank and a Food Bank
  • We established educational programs to help Adults, Kids and youth
  • Educational Programs:
  • For Adults:
  • ESL Classes (for newcomers) to communicate and emerge with the Canadian community.
  • Zumba Classes to help reducing the mental health issues.
  • English language conversation
  • Sewing Classes
  • Kids:
  • Music classes
  • Arts classes
  • French classes
  • Arabic classes
  • Math classes
  • Youth:
  • Volunteering in their free time
  • Cashier program
  • The Youth get to study a Cashier Program with a training of 7 days inside the community’s grocery shop. It’s an amazing program that helps them finding more opportunities in future, and this is part of our community’s goals to set up a

 long-range plan and solutions!

On the other hand, we have cooperated with the grocery near by the community to launch the shopping for free program for the needy people to buy their essentials for free!

Another cooperation was done with the cafeteria management as well to launch the program of Meals on Wheels and provide some daily healthy food for forgotten people in our community, and not able to cook inside their homes like seniors and single mothers.

We are trying our best to provide as much services as possible, but the need is huge!

The funding runs out very quickly and the need to get extra support increases. We are hoping to raise enough funding to continue this initiative!

We also have a petition going. Our Petition is to get a permanent space to run all of our services in a better and easier way. We need more volunteers and financial support to grow and make more people happy!…

Further more We host many events by celebrating different occasions and holidays.

As well Auntie Amal Community Centre offers Settlement services for new commers:

We Pick newcomers from the airport.

We help them to find suitable accommodations.

We Provide new commers with welcome package.

We connect new commers with government agencies to initiate paper work regarding issuing valid identification cards such as health card, social insurance number and driving license.

Also, we provide new commers with translation services in appointment like doctor appointment.

Last but not least we distribute food, cleaning detergent and hygienic products for people in need in regular basis.

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