Charbel Story

Charbel lost his wife recently … and with the onset of the Corona epidemic, Charbel could not bear the isolation, loneliness and pain, especially since he had no family or children .. so he tried to commit suicide, but he did not succeed. When auntie Amal learned of his story, She wanted to help him by providing meals daily and taking care of him and integrating him into the activities of the community center .. Charbel now is in better condition and wants to help the community back by teaching sewing and participating in the association’s activities.

شربل فقد زوجته مؤخرا…ومع ابتداء وباء كورونا لم يستطع شربل ان يتحمل العزلة و الوحدة والالم خاصة انه لا يوجد لديه عائلة ولا اولاد ..لذلك حاول الانتحار لكنه لم ينجح..عندما علمت الخالة امل بقصته ابت الا ان تساعده عبر تقديم وجبات غذاء يومية و الاهتمام به وادماجه في نشاطات الجمعية الخيرية ..شربل الان بحال افضل ويريد ان يساعد المجتمع من خلال تعليم الخياطة والمشاركة في نشاطات الجمعية

Charbel Story ,


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